Monday, July 30, 2012

So I have a blog.

That's what all the beginner's guides say to do, right? Start a blog; get your work out there and network with other writers. So here's my attempt. It might be for nothing. If you're reading this and all the other posts have to do with roasting eggplant and making the perfect pumpkin muffins, I've officially given up my publishing attempts and decided to open one of those cute little bookstore/cafes where the counters are covered in home-made vegan cookies and vintage jars full of picked flowers. You know the ones that appear to make zero profit and confound financial logic? I currently have negative income so it would probably be a perfect match.

But I digress. Anyway, my name (or pen name) is S. Ali and it's nice to meet you. Enjoy being the second person to ever look at this blog. It'll probably evolve into a journal of some sorts eventually and for that I apologize, as I'm sure to fill it with some obnoxious rants. Actually, it might then be better if no one reads it as I really don't think the world needs to know about my deep hatred of celery, let alone hear my opinions regarding politics, religion, war, etc.

I have to admit, the internet and whole social media thing intimidates me sometimes. And I say this as someone who was a college freshman when Facebook opened to students. I like keeping my personal and public lives separate - in fact, this makes me a fantastic New Yorker as it's socially acceptable here to glare at a perfect stranger and ask them what the frack (clean language only this month) their problem is if they happen to stare at you for a second too long.

I still don't really understand how Twitter works, Tumblr is a meaningless spelling mistake, and I've screwed with my Facebook settings so much I somehow made myself completely unsearchable. My brief foray into interacting with other people on the internet was limited to a week on the comment board at Slate, where I was told, in a variety of colorful language, that I was quite obviously a feminist Islamofascist who was quite welcome to go back to Saudi Arabia for my views. The article was about healthcare. (And as an aside, why are we always told to go back to Saudi Arabia? Aren't there any other Muslim majority countries that the internet could suggest forcibly deporting us to? I bet Brunei is nice this time of year).

So I'm trying again. It's the way of the future and all that, right?

Anyway, the main reason I started this: my stories! I have three published right now and am hoping to have more soon. If by some miracle, someone is actually reading this and would like to take a look, I'd love your feedback!

Bilaadi, The Future Fire
The Djinn, Expanded Horizons
Yerushalom, Crossed Genres

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